Cleaning & Maintenance

KLEENKEEN Total Cleaning Solutions
Albury Cleaners, Offices Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Factories, School Cleaning
Total Cleaning Solutions: We clean EVERYTHING, inside and outside. Multiple Service Discount and Pensioner Discount available.

Mould and Cold Clean - Mould Removal
Mould Decontamination, Mould Protection, Mould Removal, Inspection for Mould
An environmental solutions company and your specialist in mould removal, using anti-microbial technology to facilitate the decontamination, restoration and protection of mould affected buildings.

Mould and Cold Clean – Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Cleaning
Airconditioning & Refrigeration Cleaning, Commercial & Domestic
Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Cleaning using Eco Active CRC coating systems along with a specialised pre-cleaning process to prolong equipment life of refrigerated based HVAC units, air-conditioning systems and refrigeration equipment.